Hilton Riyadh Hotel

Price per night

 750   200

US$.                    SR  

Breakfast included

Exhibition location inside the hotel


To view the reservations for SIMEC Aquafish, Please follow the following:

1- Click on Book Now.
2- Click on (Edit Stay).
3- Choose the start and end date of the stay at the hotel

Golden Ship Hotel

Price per night (standard room)

 400   107

US$.                    SR  

Price per night (Junior sait)

 650   174

US$.                    SR  

Breakfast included

It is 450 meters from the exhibition


For reservations, please follow the following:
1- Please send an email to info@goldenshiphotel.com with the required room information and the date of arrival and departure.
2- The email address should be (SIMEC EXPO RESERVATION).

* For inquiries, you can contact the hotel sales manager, Mr.: Mohamed Nour
Mobile: 00966 581714510

* For inquiries, you can contact the Reservations Manager: Sonia Chemli - City Events
Mobile: 00966 554096212
Email: sonia@cityevents.com.sa

* To view the hotels in Riyadh (click here)