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Investment Opportunities*

Ongoing and Planning Projects and Procedures

  • Establishing the regional center for sustainable development of fisheries.

  • Establishing an animal protein city in the city of basic and manufacturing industries in Jazan.

  • Enhancing the access of Saudi exports to global markets of fish products (fish, shrimp) and animal products (powdered milk, baby formula, dairy products)

  • Implementing a multi-procedure national marketing campaign to raise awareness of the importance of fish products and raise the consumption pattern of fish food (SAMAQ).

  • Implementation of a national biosecurity program to monitor and control all aquaculture activities in the country (including monitoring and controlling of imported animal and fish food).

  • Supporting the scientific and applied research to increase the contribution of research and innovation to the better implementation of the national strategy for the sector.

  • Implementation of a national program for the accreditation of all aquaculture facilities in accordance with the standards of the General Services Administration and the aquaculture policy (Saudi Mark for Quality of Aquaculture).

  • Developing a national certification and labeling system for sustainable capture fisheries in Saudi Arabia.

  • Establishing of inland water fish hatcheries.

  • Establishing of several hatcheries for marine fish.

  • Establishment of the Algae Technologies Development Unit.

  • Establishing of shrimp hatcheries.

  • Implementing of several projects in research, technological development and innovation, which focus on food conversion and improving production efficiency.

  • Implementing of several projects for training, rehabilitation and building national human capacities.

  • Participating in (10) local and international exhibitions and conferences annually to attract foreign investments and develop investment opportunities in the Kingdom.

  • Implementing of a number of special feasibility studies for new commercial aquaculture projects.

  • Implementing of several special environmental studies to measure impact for new commercial aquaculture projects.

* Source: National Livestock and Fisheries‭ ‬Development Program.

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