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NFDP Vision:

To transform the national fisheries and aquaculture sectors into strong pillars of the national economyandcontribute significantly towards the balanced and sustainable development and prosperity ofthe country and its people.

NFDP Mission:

Development of the Kingdom's fisheries and aquaculture sectors in a responsible manner that will support private investment,contribute to the country’s GDP, provide skilled employment for the local workforce, and help effectively address the issue of food security in the most environmentally sustainable manner.

NFDP objectives:

  1. Achieve sustainable use of resources and development of the  fishery and aquaculture sectors for increased  contribution to the country’s  GDP

  2.  Cover the biggest part of the Kingdom's needs for seafood, thus contributing to food security and reducing the deficit in the food trade balance.

  3.  Support the sector to achieve a total national seafood production of 600 thousand tonnes by consolidating and improving areas of partnership with the private sector to attract targeted investments for the establishment and diversification of aquaculture projects, feed mills, fish processing plants and other facilities associated with this industry.

  4.  Create employment  opportunities of up to 200,000 direct and indirect jobs, and achieve Saudization rate (50%) in the fisheries  and aquaculture sectors , all along the seafood production and supply chains (fishing, farming, seafood processing and trade, aquaculture feed production,  product quality control, marketing and sales, specialised equipment innovation and technology, education etc)

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